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Archer on FX review

*Note: I am not a professional TV critic nor do I claim I'm the most knowledgeable in the world. These reviews are strictly for entertainment and informative reasons only. All images/video belong to the network and their respective copyright holders. Please don't sue me. No kittens were harmed in the making of this blog. This is my first review so please don't rip me apart.*

    Recently, I noticed an animated show on Netflix instant that I've seen commercials for on TV. That show would be Archer on FX.

I had heard it was a good show so being the person I am, I watched it.
It's a damn good show. Having watched the first two seasons (They were the only seasons on Netflix), I know enough to write a review.
    The show takes place in the late Cold War (despite having modern slang in their vocabulary) and focuses on the fictional spy agency called ISIS.
The main character is Sterling Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) who is widely considered the best field agent ISIS has and perhaps the best in the world.

He also happens to be a chronic drinker, womanizer, and someone with some serious Oedipus Complex issues. Archer is actually a likable character in the same way Charlie Harper from Two and Half Men is. In fact, an actual TV critic said that Archer is 007 meets Charlie Harper...or something along those lines. I'm paraphrasing here okay?

Malory Archer (voiced by Jessica Walter. You may know her as Lucille from Arrested Development.) is Sterling's mom who also just happens to be the head of ISIS. She's a chronic drinker and selfish. Basically, she's like Sterling and Lucille from Arrested Development. Practically interchangeable.

Lana Kane (voiced by Aisha Tyler) is a field agent for ISIS and also happens to be Sterling's ex-girlfriend. She's the more down to earth character when compared others. When she and Sterling argue, it leads to hilarity and great entertainment. She's got big hands and it becomes a running joke throughout the series.

Cyril Figgis (voiced by Chris Parnell) is the comptroller for ISIS. He's good at his job, however, there are problems  (mostly personal) that rise up and becomes his Achilles heel. Despite these problems, he's also a fairly reasonable person. 

Cheryl Tunt (voiced by Judy Greer) is the secretary to Malory. She changes her name often between  Cheryl and Carol. She's definitely "out there" in terms of personality and doesn't seem to understand that fact. She's also got a thing for erotic asphyxiation. Just saying. 

You wouldn't even know it.

Pam Poovy (voiced by Amber Nash) is ISIS's HR director. Boy is she a different one. She's got some major issues, but they all lead to laughs for you. Just watch the show and you'll know what I mean.

          I swear she doesn't always have that dolphin puppet. I swear.

The writing for the show is fantastic. It's witty, smart, and fairly bunt. That bluntness probably comes from the fact the show is on later at night than most. It's also got some dark humor in there as well as having running jokes throughout the series such as the giant hands I mentioned with Lana. Really, there's something for everyone to watch. Expect for children. They definitely should not watch this show. 

All in all, it's damn good show and it's really underrated. Currently it's on it's third season with a fourth season in plan. I know this is a short review, but I think it's better for someone to watch the show and judge it for themselves than to read a review about it. If you haven't watched this show, I highly recommend that you do. It'll be worth your time. 

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