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Better Off Ted: Again with the dying young thing.

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Okay, assuming a genie gave me three wishes, one of wishes would be used to bring back Firefly and the other would be used to bring back Better Off Ted. Why? Because it was one of the best satirical situation comedy shows I've ever seen.

Damn you too, ABC. Damn you.

The show takes place in a office building for the corporation called Veridian Dynamics.They make everything from military missile guidance systems to kids toys. To put it simply, it's a parody of the corporations in America. The higher ups obviously don't care about human safety, ethics, and such.

Seems so innocent doesn't it?

Theodore Margaret "Ted" Crisp (played by Jay Harrington) is the main character as well the narrator. He is the vice president of the R&D department at Veridian Dynamics and is respected and loved by the people who work under him. He does his best to balance what the company wants (usually not so good) and what the employees want. Really, he's a great character and funny too.

He's a cool guy. Really, he is. 

Veronica Palmer (played by Portia de Rossi) is Ted's boss and she is a ruthless one. She's very ambitious and is feared by many employees. Despite this demeanor, she does respect Ted and recognizes what he's trying to do when he tries to balance the good and the bad of a project. 

Also, she's good looking. 

Linda Katherine Zwordling (played by Andrea Anders) is a tester at Veridian Dynamics. She shows a romantic interest in Ted, but is always in a relationship with someone else. She also is oblivious to how corporations such as Veridian Dynamics work in terms of ethics and so on. She often tries to persuade Ted into thinking about the possible fallout of the project as well as other things. Overall, she's a likable character.

 Look at that naive smile.

Dr. Philip "Phil" Myman (played by Jonathan Slavin) is one of the laboratory scientists at Veridian. He's almost always with his coworker Lem. There isn't a whole lot to say about him other than he's fun to watch when he and Lem are talking and working. 

He's a scientist. That is all.

Dr. Lem Hewitt (played by Malcolm Barrett) is also a laboratory scientist at Veridian. As stated with Phil, they are practically jointed at the hip. Just watch the show and you'll see what I mean.

He's not really smug. Don't let the picture fool you. 

Rose Crisp (played by Isabella Acres) is Ted's daughter. She is a very smart kid who seems to understand things beyond what normal children do. Because of this, she sees things differently than the employees and often gives her own view on things which Ted realizes to be either better than what he was thinking or to simply remind him of what is right and wrong. 

Future Nobel Peace Price winner right here.

As I said previously, the show is satire and I'm sorry to say, you kind of need to be of average intelligence to understand some of the humor. While it is satirical, it also has some dark humor in it which, as a cynic, I find to be hilarious. Here's an example: 

What's great is that these fake commercials ran right before or after real commercials which is something I don't think I've ever seen in any other TV show. The show is witty, intelligent, and funny. It even had a Doctor Who reference and almost any American show with a Who reference in it, is a show of mine. It's a real shame it got canceled after two seasons due to poor ratings. I'm guessing a lot of the jokes just went right over people's head.

If you didn't understand the satire in this book, 
you probably won't get satire in this show.

Just go to Netflix right now and watch the show on instant streaming. As of writing this blog, both seasons are available to watch, so go and watch it. Now. 

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