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Clone High: MTV makes me sad

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When you think MTV and their line up of shows, you probably think of shows like 16 and Pregnant and Jersey Shore. Of course, common knowledge is that these are terrible shows and they are terrible. However, back in 2002, there was an animated show that was soon forgotten despite how much of an amazing show it was. That show was Clone High.

Plain, but it didn't have to be flashy.

The show...well, I think the show's intro speaks for itself really...

No caption needed. Except for this one. 

Basically (if you didn't understand the intro), a bunch of famous historical people were cloned and are now teenagers put into a special high school for only them.

Abe Lincoln (voiced by Will Forte) is the main character and your average slightly socially awkward teen. There isn't much to say. It's Abraham Lincoln. You should know who he is.

No top hat included.

Joan of Arc (voiced by Nicole Sullivan) is Abe's near and dear friend. She's your average teen goth just with more intelligence. She's also got a huge crush on Abe, but Abe is completely obvious to it. 

No voices from God included.
Sort of.

Gandhi (voiced by Michael McDonald) is another close friend of Abe's. Despite where the original DNA came from, Gandhi is a party animal and not really a peace activist

He's also a funny character.

Cleopatra (voiced by Christa Miller) is the one that Abe has a huge crush on. She can be summarized in one word: bitch. It shouldn't be a surprise that she's also on the cheerleading team. 

You'll both hate her and 
laugh at her.

J.F.K (voiced by Chris Miller) is the typical jock of the school. He's arrogant, unintelligent, and very funny to listen to. 
Let the headshot jokes commence.

Principal Scudworth (voiced by Phil Lord) is the scientist you saw in the intro digging up the bodies from their graves. He's the principle of the school and is always trying to somehow use the clones for his own entertainment and gain. 

Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), 
he's crazy.

Mr. Butlertron (voiced by Chris Miller) is the robot butler to Principal Scudworth. Unlike his master, he's not crazy.
He's also fairly funny as well.

So, with a cast of characters almost entirely composed of historical figures, how could this show only last one season? Yes, only one season. I mean, it had witty and smart humor, witty dialogue, and Bill Lawrence (the guy responsible for the hit TV show "Srcubs") as an executive producer. Well, it was because all of the episodes were aired out of order as well as different times. The show times were never consistent

The sadness...It will never leave me.

All in all, this show was amazing even though it didn't last very long and was soon forgotten. If you understand and know history, the people in it, and what it's like to be in high school, you'll probably get every single joke and laugh. A lot. It's show definitely worth checking out. All the episodes should be on YouTube for your enjoyment. 

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