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Terra Nova: Survival of who gets canceled last

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I am I am typing this, I have just finished watching Terra Nova. This show, honestly, has given me mixed feelings. On one hand, it was a pretty good show, but on the other, some of the writing left something to be desired. Also, Fox killed the show. Big surprise, but not really.

It was like a small bowl of bland oatmeal. 

The basic concept of Terra Nova is that the future (2149 to be exact) is essentially what every environmentalist fears. The world has become polluted and the air practically unbreathable forcing everyone to use rebreathers. Not only is the Earth's atmosphere fubar, but there is of course overpopulation. Because of that, there are only two children allowed for each household. 

Yes, that's what the Earth in 2149 looks like from 
outer space according to the show.

After scientists discovered a rift in space and time, they turned into a way for humanity to start again by colonizing this new place. This rift actually points to a different time stream than the current one and it goes back to the late Cretaceous or about 85 million years into the past. The show focuses on the Shannon family who have been picked to go to what are known as "pilgrimages" to the colony named "Terra Nova". Of course, not everything is the paradise it seems.

Looks kind of like this, but not really.

Of course the obvious problems being dinosaurs, but there is also a group called "Sixers" are people who came through on the sixth pilgrimage and separated from the colony. I'm not going to spoil their reason for doing so. Just watch and see for yourself. 
Kind of sums it up. Kind of.

James "Jim" Shannon (played by Jason O'Mara) was a cop in Chicago in 2149, but was arrested for having a third child. He's a likable character, a dedicated father, and overall, a likable character. There's really not a lot that can be said about him other than that. 

He's a pretty cool guy.

Dr. Elisabeth Shannon (played by Shelley Conn) is the wife of James and the mother of their children. She is a very smart and skilled doctor/surgeon. She's basically why her family got to Terra Nova because the colony needed someone with her skills there. Also, she's English.

Not bad for someone who's had three kids.

Mira (played by Christine Adams) is the leader of the Sixers. Not going to say much about her other than that you both hate her and also be sympathetic with her. It depends on the episode.

She's a tough one.

Skye Alexandria Tate (played by Allison Miller) is one of a few people who has been with the colony since the fifth pilgrimage. She's a nice person and other than that, there's not much that can be said without spoiling anything.
She's a lot older than you think she is.

Josh Shannon (played by Landon Liboiron) is the oldest and only son of James Shannon. He's an okay character, but I really didn't grow too attached to him. He's kind of the angsty teen at first, but luckily, there is character development

Not that great of a character,

Maddy Shannon (played by Naomi Scott) is the oldest daughter of the Shannon family. She's the stereotypical intelligent teen who is socially awkward. She's an alright character, but in all honesty, it's not much of a character. She almost becomes an annoyance


Zoe Shannon (played by Alana Mansour) is the youngest out of all the Shannon children at five years old. She's just a kid and really, doesn't play much of a role. 

She's basically a background character
at the most, in my opinion.

Dr. Malcolm Wallace (played by Rod Hallett) is the chief science officer/director for Terra Nova. He's actually a pretty likable character and not too shabby of a character, especially later on. There's not much else I can say other than that.
He's also one smart cookie. You should've guessed
that when it said "chief science officer/director".

Commander Nathaniel Taylor (played by Stephen Lang) is the leader and the first person to step though the rift. Basically, he's a badass. He's got a long history behind him and most of it being his military career. You really hear a lot about his past throughout the show which, I like. Really, I think most people will like him just because he's badass. 
A.k.a the stereotypical grizzled war veteran

So, with Steven Spielberg as an executive producer to the show and with the concept it has, how could this show only last one season? Well, it was just too damn expensive. That and ratings weren't that great. Between the cost of the CGI, props, sets, and extras that were used, I'm not surprised the show was expensive to make and really, no one else should. 

Remember kids; it's money that makes the
world go round, not love.

Another flaw the show had was the writing and the delivery of some of the lines. Some of the jokes and lines just seemed forced and sometimes dry. Sure, it's not the writers fault alone, but it's still there and it's still something that bothered me about the show. There have been talks about giving the show to another network, but I honestly feel it would just become even more of failure it does get rebooted on a new network.
It's a stupid gamble that just isn't worth it.

One other problem it had was it's scientific accuracy. Sure, it's only TV and such, but some of the stuff in the show was either inaccurate or something speculative. In one episode, there was what appeared to be a 
Spinosaurus, but there is something very wrong with that. What's wrong? Spinosaurus did not exist in the late Cretaceous period which is the time the show takes place in. Oops.

Wrong time period buddy. Why don't you 
do everyone a favor and be extinct for about 10 million years before
show takes place?

All in all, it's not that bad of a show, but I feel it had so much potential behind it. I honestly don't want it to comeback even though there are some unanswered questions. I just want the show to rest as is. What's my final verdict? Watch it if you're into this kind of thing, but don't expect to be blown away or amazed. 

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