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Community: One Very Amazing Sitcom

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There are few sitcoms out there right now that are actually funny. One of these would be Community.

One of the best sitcoms
I've seen since How I Met Your Mother

The show takes place at Greendale Community College; a really bad community college. The show focuses around a group of misfits who form a study group in order to, obviously, study together. While this may seem unoriginal and uninspired, the characters and the chemistry they have works to create comedy gold. 


Jeff Winger (played by Joel McHale) is a lawyer who has lost his lawyer powers and is now attending Greendale in order to get his Bachelor's in law. He's a bit arrogant and vain, but it's not annoying or overbearing.

Dat smug face

Abed Nadir (played by Danny Pudi) is someone who makes a lot of pop culture references whenever he talks. They're almost always rooted in either TV or movies. He's a bit weird at first, but it really grows on you and again, like Jeff, it isn't overbearing.

He's one of my favorite characters

Britta Perry (played by Gillian Jacobs) is someone with a lot of very strong views on things such as feminism as well as environmentalism. She's seems like a great person on the surface, but in reality, she's the farthest from it. 

You learn to love her
for her flaws.

Annie Edison (played by Alison Brie) is the youngest one of the group and perhaps, the most innocent. She has that kind of school girl kind of personality, but again, isn't overbearing. She also loves to just one up people when it comes academics. 

See what I mean?

Shirley Bennett (played by Yvette Nicole Brown) is one the oldest of group being that she is a single mother of two. She also happens to be a very vocal Christian. Because of those two points of her personality, she is often considered the mother of the group. 

 Don't fool yourself. She's got sass. 

Troy Barnes (played by Donald Glover) was one of the most popular kids in his high school, but now longer has any of that. He seems distant at first, but eventually opens up and you get to see who he really is. Him and Abed have, in all honesty, the best bromance I have seen since JD and Turk from Scrubs. The reason why they they aren't as good or better is because JD and Turk have had many more season to have moments. Still, an amazing bromance nonetheless.

Second favorite character right

Pierce Hawthorne (played by Chevy Chase) is the oldest member of the group. He also happens to be very racist and bigoted and delivers the best humor because of it. He quickly becomes a kind of mental punching bag of the group, but again, it adds humor to him and to the show in general. 

Chevy frakking Chase.
Need I say more?

"Senor" Ben Chang (played by Ken Jeong) is a bit of a psycho in very good and comical way. That is all I really have to say. Trust me when I say that. 

Trust me

Dean Craig Pelton (played by Jim Rash) is the (obviously) dean of Greendale. He strives for Greendale to become much more respected and taken seriously. He also cross dress. A lot. But it's done in a way that isn't like modern cross dressing where it's done purely for the comedy. It's often done to convey his personality more so than "oh-hey-look-at-me-I'm-crossing-dressing-now-laugh-because-it's-funny". 

You grow to like him 
a lot

There are a couple of main reasons why this show is as funny as it is. One of the reasons is that this show has a lot of geeky references as well as pop culture references. Another reason why it's so funny is because of the jokes the show does. 

What makes the show geeky? For starters, it references Doctor Who, which is always a win in my book. They call it Inspector Space Time, but you get the obvious idea. Also, many of the references are subtle while others are not. Instead of the show shoving it in your face and putting a laugh track on it, it simply pokes you and let's you see/hear it for yourself without a laugh track unlike Big Bang Theory.

I honestly liked the show at first until I learned just
how bad it really was and how it makes fun of geeks/nerds.
More of that in a future post.

Now, when I say jokes, I mean ones not necessarily rooted in pop culture or something else. There are actually quite a few meta-jokes as well as jokes that take entire season to tell. There is one joke that took three seasons to tell, but it was worth it. 

Remember that timing is everything

So, all in all, this show is very much worth watching. As of right now, there have been three seasons with a fourth currently under production. It should be noted however that creator Dan Harmon, has been fired from the show and many of the original writers left with him so the quality of the fourth season is up in the air. Still, until the fourth season airs, enjoy the first three seasons. Time will tell the fourth will live up to the earlier seasons. 

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