Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NBC's Revolution: New Fall Show With Potential (Pilot review)

*Note: I am not a professional TV critic nor do I claim I'm the most knowledgeable in the world. These reviews are strictly for entertainment and informative reasons only. All images/video belong to the network and or their respective copyright holders. Please don't sue me. Seriously. This review will be about the pilot only as well as my thoughts on where this show could go.*

It's almost fall and you know what that means ladies and gents. That's right! New television shows that could either get axed after the first season or continue onward into the sunset. One of these new shows from NBC is Revolution.

I have a thing for post-apocalyptic stuff if you haven't 
caught on by now.

The show takes place fifteen years after an (currently) unexplained global blackout which caused every single electronic device in the world to suddenly stop working. In this grim future, people have to survive without electricity and the creature comforts and food that they provide.

First world problems at its finest.

Miles Matheson (played by Billy Burke) is the token badass of the group. Well, I think he is anyway. There's not much to say about him or most of the other characters, other than that Miles likes to drink. 

He's a cool guy.

Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson (played by Tracy Spiridakos) is the niece of Miles. She comes off as a very strong female character which, in my opinion, is sort missing in the TV world right now so it's nice to see a character like her's. 

I wasn't kidding when I said the last sentence.

Maggie (played by Anna Lise Phillips) is a doctor that becomes involved with the Matheson family after Ben Matheson's (father to Charlie) wife dies. She's has shown to be fairly clever and not just smart as you would expect a doctor to be. 

Ben on the left and Maggie on the right. 

Danny Mathenson (played by Graham Rogers) is the brother of Charlie. He, unfortunately, has asthma which makes the whole surviving thing a bit tougher for him than most people. 

He hasn't proven to be anything really...well,
other than sneaky in a way.

Nate Walker (played by J.D. Pardo) is (as I can only imagine) the Romeo to Charlie's Juliet. Just watch the show and you'll see what I mean. 

Of course there is a romantic subplot.

Aaron (played by Zak Orth) was once a Google executive. Now, obviously, he isn't. He's a friend of Ben and also the comedic relief of the group as far as I can tell. 

I never knew what a Google executive looked like
until now. 

Grace (played by Maria Howell) is a character that let's just say will probably become very important later on in the series. I just know it. 

Keep an eye out for her as the series continues.

Sebastian "Bass" Monroe (played by David Lyons) was once a friend of Miles, but has now turned into a war lord. Oh joy.

This guy...he's not cool.

Captain Tom Neville (played by Giancarlo Esposito) was a insurance adjuster turned into a captain for Sebastian's militia group. He comes off as a gentleman, but he's actually a douche. 

Being a captain of an evil militia group.
Not good.

Now, you're probably wondering what the this show is currently focused on right now. So far, it's the militia group that is currently after this:

Doesn't look like much does it?

What is it? It's a device that can turn back on any electronic that was turned off after the blackout and so far, only a few people in the series have one. Ben used to have one, but then gave it to Aaron and it's revealed that Grace also has one along with another unknown person. 

Suddenly, this symbol in the title card/logo all makes sense if 
it didn't before.

So, what's good about this show? For one thing, it has some decent characters in it with some fairly well written dialogue. It also helped that the pilot was directed by Jon Favreau, but whatever. As long as the show continues to have really good episodes, hopefully it will last more than one season. And to all the nonbelievers: 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blog update 9-12-12

So, it's been awhile since I've posted on here and I feel bad. So, this is an update letting everyone know what's been happening. As of right now, I'm currently watching Mad Men which may take awhile, so it may take awhile however, I am think of watching a show for one season or possibly doing an article about what is  currently bad about most modern TV shows. It really depends on if I can finish Mad Men soon or not. As for other TV shows, there are others lined up with a review for the new NBC series "Revolution" pilot being the new fall TV show I will be reviewing.

All in all, that's about it. Lame update, yes, but an update nonetheless.